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About Grassmaper

About Grassmapper: “Grassmapper” allows North American scientists, managers, stakeholders, and the general public to use their smart phones to accurately identify and report, the presence and location of invasive plant species on their land. Discussion forums hosted by experts, and photos help ensure that the identifications, and information collected are accurate. By serving as a hub for scientific discussion on invasive grasses, this website can facilitate communication between researchers, managers, and the communities being impacted by these aggressive grasses. The data generated by this site can in turn help scientists track the spread of these species, discover new populations, thereby helping to inform management strategies.

In recent decades, invasive alien grass species have become a considerable problem in rangelands of western America (NA). Cheatgrass, several Bromus species, medusahead and more recently Ventenata now dominate native plant communities, displacing the native flora, and reducing hay and cattle production. The extent of spread of these invasive grasses has caused extensive environmental and economic damage throughout Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, and more recently, California. The severity of damage caused by these species is being increasingly recognized as problematic, but tools for learning about the proper management, as well as proper identification and reporting of the spread of these species are difficult for the public to access. 

Our mission: Our mission is to develop an interactive and easy-to-use website, and mobile browser to help individuals who are at risk of being negatively affected by invasive plants in the USA learn about the most common invasions, and the research that is being done to slow them down.